Tuesday, January 4, 2011

People Counting [Research]

In order to assign an energy use figure to each individual person that uses the Isenberg building, we'll first need to get a head count of the number people that use the building on an average day. I contacted a few people today in order to start working on getting an estimate for this number.

I began by speaking with Jennifer Grossman, who is in charge of Marketing and Communications at Isenberg. She referred me to Isenberg staff member Lou Wigdor who has been working on compiling enrollment information for the school.

After the jump, you'll find a break-down of some of the figures that Lou has provided me with.

Lou mentioned that we should keep in mind that HTM and Resource Econ do not generally hold their classes in the Isenberg building (also keep in mind that the figures below of part-time MBA students include students from online and other campuses). He also told me to contact Ann Marie Fortier in the Undergraduate program and someone within the graduate program to get some details on measurement issues/usage. I will contact these people sometime this week.

Lou also noted that the old part of the building holds some non-Isenberg classes. He referred me to Diane Keedy in the Dean's office who might know more about that.

Relevant Figures:

Full Time Faculty 113

Undergraduates 3398

Accounting 397

Finance 307

Hospitality 530

Management 209

Marketing 248

Operations 104

Resource Econ 213

Sport Mgt. 422

Undeclared 968

MBA 1567

Full-time 73

Part-time 1494

Holyoke 80

Shrewsbury 113

Pittsfield 15

Online 1286

M.S. (Accounting) 42

Ph.D. 72

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