Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Meeting [Communications]

Greetings from the second official meeting of Service Corps. On Tuesday, we had a great first meeting, establishing interests and identifying the primary points of research that needs to move on. Basically, we are starting from scratch. Thus, we are taking an exploratory approach to this project and will roll it out in two phases:

I. Research and Discovery
II. Campaigning

Our initial mission is to increase energy efficiency at Isenberg. This may be refined or adjusted as we learn more. We have split into four groups:

1. Research
2. Marketing
3. Energy Use
4. Auditing Investigation

As we move on, we may include materials use as part of our plan. However, we want to make sure that we start with investigating ways we can make the biggest initial impact in relation to energy and sustainability. We also want our efforts to be quantifiable and to manifest in a way that has longevity.

We have some initial contacts at UMass, some general points where we can find more information. Thus, we will allow the plan to form around our investigation. We have a great group of people, spanning from those with experience in engineering, marketing, library science, public policy, and finance. We even have a representative from the undergraduate business program. So, I am excited to seeing what our diverse and enthusiastic crew will come up with! Cheers to a new year of connecting business to sustainability!

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