Sunday, December 19, 2010

Second Meeting [Communications]

Last Thursday, we held a second meeting of the whole Service Corps group to check in on progress made over the last two days. The major points of progress were the establishment of the blog (everyone made their first blog posts during the meeting), stats about energy usage at Isenberg (detailed by Tom Mazzarino here), and information about how energy is metered on campus.

Bill Killough-Hill informed the group that he had made a contact with Jason Burbank, the Campus Energy Engineer at the Physical Plant, who informed him of an audit that had previously been conducted at Isenberg. He also gave Bill some valuable information about meter readings for steam, water, and electricity on campus. More on that here.

Finally, Pete Brown is putting us in touch with Josh Stoffel, the Sustainability Coordinator at UMass. Bill will meet with Josh early next week, armed with questions from Elaine Mak and Pete. He will report back with his findings.

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