Thursday, December 16, 2010

UMASS Physical Plant Info [Energy Use/Providers]

This week, we did some research on the UMass Physical Plant. Below are some good places to find information online about the plant, and energy usage on campus.

Physical plant website is:

Electric meter readings:
This outlines energy usage by building and shows where the electricity comes from (UMASS generation vs. Western Mass Electric Co). Currently, the University is buying approximately 40% of its electricity from Western Mass Electric (it pays 167% more for this versus producing its own).

Also, this is a good article on the UMASS green initiative

And the UMASS green page

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  1. This is really great stuff. You can see that the original document was a spreadsheet. If we could get a bigger piece in xls or similar format, I can run statistical analysis so we have some baseline numbers, trend lines, etc.